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Experience the essence of eyecare’s future, today.  Listen, watch, and peruse the thoughts of independent eyecare leaders — We call them Wizards. You will know some of them, but most travel under the radar, until now.  Elevate your personal and business knowledge to achieve Next-Level-Wizard Status. Join us on this journey to become an Eyetrepreneur.

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“Change Is The Only Constant In Life”

Heraclitus, a pre-Socractic Greek philosopher
Now, listen to the voices of change and learn from the leaders.

Optical Lady Bosses | Autianna Wilson + Anissa Laval | Knowing Your Worth, Asking For Raises, and Indie Eyewear Tips

In This Episode: There’s nothing sexier than a woman that knows optics and fashion. These two ladies, Anissa Laval and Autianna Wilson are crushing the optical game on all...

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Episode 26: Integrating EHR, Recall, Reminders, and Telephone in One Tidy Package Equals Working Smarter

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, two guests from WEAVE discuss integrating EHR, recall, reminders, telephone and other smart business practices into your practice and what benefits that can give...

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Making Eyewear in Brooklyn, NYC | Gerard Masci | Founder of Lowercase

In This Episode: Yes, there are frames being made in the USA, specifically in Brooklyn. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gerard Masci of Lowercase NYC at...

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Episode 25: Real Dry Eye Patient Confessions With Anu Chiarelli

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Anu Chiarelli shares her experiences as a dry eye patient. Enjoy! In This Episode: [3:24] How Anu was introduced to the dry eye support...

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Perry Brill

Meet The Hosts

“Eye care is my passion, profession, and hobby,” claims Raymond J. Bril, OD, MBA, FAAO, FOAA of Brill Eye Center, LLC in Mission, KS. Perry Brill, his son, agrees and keeps stirring the pot. “I like to disrupt whatever we are doing that is working now,” said Perry.  To both, challenges are met with opportunities. Weaknesses are offset with developing strengths. The yin and yang of daily life in private optometric practice generates a palpable energy to power these podcasts and electrify new thoughts about the traditional ways for optical, medical, business, and management concepts. Join Dr. Brill and Perry on the journey to discovery of what can be a catalyst for change in your business or practice–or at least spark some worthy conversation.

Dr. Raymond Brill

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