Why Your Lab Is Ripping You Off

Don’t fall into the trap that more expensive lenses are better lenses.


In this podcast, you will learn from 2 lab executives who run independent lens laboratories and why your big optical labs rip you off.

There are lenses with big brand names and lenses with little names. The question that must be asked though is, do your patients come to you because you sell Varilux products or do they have loyalty due to your excellent service, awesome frames, and patient care?

Lenses are just pieces of plastic and not born with a name. It’s a hunk of plastic that makes people see well. Smartypants’ vision care pros and physicists help design them.

When you buy branded lenses, you pay extra fees for your sales rep’s car, marketing brochures, TV commercials, corporate salaries, and more. That all factors into why your lenses cost you $300+ wholesale for the premium stuff.

In This Episode:

[4:42] Guests introduction.
[5:28] Black Lab Optical.
[15:14] What is a click fee?
[19:55] Lens design and why lenses cost so much.
[24:44] Why do companies come out with new lenses every year and say it’s new and improved?
[32:03] Private label.
[41:57] Switching lens brand.
[50:05] Training
[52:47] Why are ARs expensive.


9 Reasons to Use Private Label Spectacle Lenses and Independent Laboratories


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