Purchase 6 pair of 7eye sunglasses and receive 15% OFF your entire order
PLUS a FREE 6 piece locking display valued at $75.00

7eye delivers the finest optical-quality eyewear designed to maximize protection from the sun, wind, dust, pollen and other airborne irritants. Founded in 1997 as The Original Windless Eyewear, 7eye quickly expanded from a ski-google alternative eyewear into serving the motorsports, Z87.1, fishing, and dry eye communities. 7eye glasses are known for the closed-cell foam technology that is unaffected by weather and resistant to perspiration, while filtering vents manage air
circulation and reduce fogging; thus, allowing for a longer lasting more comfortable, removable AirShield. Every 7eye lens is optically correct, de-centered and shatter-resistant to ensure clear, crisp image in every direction. Prescription is available for every style.

"Performance Eyewear For Life On & Off The Road"

Where is the product made?

7eye by Panoptx products with the exception of Rider Readers are assembled at the 7eye headquarters located in Ontario, California with global materials. Our products are highly customizable – each order is made to order and not mass produced.

What should I be looking for when trying on or buying a pair of 7eye by Panoptx Airshield Series wraparound sunglasses?

Fit before Style. Before you focus on the style you need to make sure to get a pair that provides a total OrbitalSeal™ around your face. This will ensure our patented eyecup will keep the elements out and keep your eyes moist and safe.

Do you offer any type of discount for military, law enforcement officers, and fire fighters?

 Yes, we honor all of our servicemen and woman 365 days a year.  We give a 25% discount on any of our frames without prescription with valid documentation.

Why Us?

7eye is dedicated to providing superior eyewear that protects your eyes from the elements…be it on a motorcycle, hiking or skiing; 7eye offers the best in performance eyewear that protects against wind, dust & other airborne irritants.

Daniel Hsu, President

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