Augmented Reality Digital Eyewear | Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman takes a deep dive into some exciting new tech coming to eyecare: virtual reality and augmented reality. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[5:13] The invention of the mobile video, and how it was applied at first.

[6:44] How Michael made it into eyecare.

[8:10] Virtual reality and augmented reality, and how it relates to eyewear.

[15:32] The device itself: what does it look like, and how does it work?

[26:55] Will eyecare providers be necessary for these devices?

[40:21] Is it comfortable?

About The Guest:

Freeman is an award-winning innovator with over 150 patents filed, with over 60 patents issued in the Sectors of: Multi-Channel Streaming Mobile Video, Augmented Reality Eyewear, RFID Location Base Tracking, Nano-Chemicals, and Ultra-Hight Efficiency Muxcapacitor® Transformerless Power Supplies. Freeman also won the 2015 and 2016 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards for Best Product to Power the IoT while CEO of Semitrex a company Freeman founded based on his Switch Cap transformerless power supplies invention which provides over 95% efficiency.

While President of PC Designs, Freeman invented the first streaming mobile video technology in 1994 which garnered him a two TV Emmy Awards. This revolutionary mobile video technology was licensed by virtually all cell companies throughout the 1990’s and acquired by Samsung who asserted the patents in the Apple vs. Samsung II litigation, where Mr. Freeman testified. In that Appsung litigation Freeman was identified as developing the “forerunner” of Smart Phones because his team was the first to combine the connectivity of cell phones with the intelligence of computers. His streaming mobile video was the basis for the 802.11(n) MIMO protocol.

Freeman also served a stint in the Major Motion Picture Industry as a Sr. Executive Vice President for a leading Hollywood Company, 1492 Studios, Inc.


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