Business Banking 101 + Section 179

Are you an expert in optometry, but not so much in business? Are you ready to buy equipment, but don’t know if you should finance or purchase? Learn in this episode all about banking and finance as an entrepreneur in eyecare.

In This Episode:

[2:34] What is Sterns Bank?

[5:36] Should you finance equipment or purchase it?

[10:38] The fundamentals of financing and banking when it comes to business.

[15:38] Down payments on equipment.

[19:45] Can new grads still qualify for lines of credit?

[21:28] Should those who want to take a loan look at the lenders before deciding on the equipment?

[24:08] Does having a relationship with the bank help?

[26:34] Is the interest of a loan through Sterns Bank spread out?

[30:06] If you’re looking to remodel your practice, what are your options?

[31:18] Fraud: what should you look out for?

[32:32] What do you need to know?

About The Guest:

Mindy has been with Stearns Bank since 2011 and has a wealth of experience in the optical and veterinary industries. Now as sales manager, she oversees all industries served by Stearns Bank Equipment Finance Division. Mindy enjoys the experience of working with a customer and striving to provide them the best service possible. No matter the industry, it’s always great for her to be able to assist Stearns Bank sales representatives on their deals and see the success of all parties involved.

Stearns Bank mission statement:

“We are driven by our passion to help others achieve their greatest ambitions. We Get The Job Done with urgency, tenacity, and unlimited imagination.”


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