In-Office Edging | Optical Profit Center with Allan Panzer, OD

In This Episode:

The optical today is still where practices can make 50% or more of their revenue. You have to be smart and take control of your production instead of giving away the profits to your labs. Even with all the crazy acquisitions from insurance companies and private equity, the room for your optical to grow is ample!

Any employee or doctor can be trained on how to edge in office over a few days. It’s not rocket science. Simply purchase an edger, and the installation company will teach you the basics right away. Listen as we talk with Allan J. Panzer about implementing in-office edging.

About The Guest:

Dr. Allan Panzer is committed to providing quality personalized eyecare. Helping children with their eye sight problems – especially those who have special needs – is one of his main priorities and interests.

He is a certified Optometric Glaucoma Specialist. Dr. Panzer also has a passion for specialty contact lenses for myopia control and has been a big advocate for orthokeratology for over a decade.

Dr. Panzer’s practice has a major emphasis on dry eye prevention and effective treatments. He is an early adopter of technology and now uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to help his patients find dry eye relief.

His onsite laboratory makes it fast and easy to provide all eyewear needs and there are literally hundreds of frame styles to choose from in every price range — from very serviceable to the latest high fashions.

He recognizes that we all live in a fast-paced environment with busy lifestyles and schedules, so he works hard to make sure that all patients receive personal attention in a timely manner and that his staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained.


Episode 26: Integrating EHR, Recall, Reminders, and Telephone in One Tidy Package Equals Working Smarter

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, two guests from WEAVE discuss integrating EHR, recall, reminders, telephone and other smart business practices into your practice and what benefits that can give you. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[4:34] What is WEAVE?

[9:06] What can you do to keep your books full?

[11:20] How to ask patients for other family members to come in.

[17:31] How does it work weaving all aspects of outreach into one?

[19:24] Why patients don’t check their voicemail and call back, and how to handle it.

[26:28] How to prevent the opt-outs.

[33:25] How doctors can get better google reviews.

[38:00] The virtual healthcare summit.

[46:44] How to contend with modern communication in an optometric practice.

About The Guests:

Jake Goeckeriz

Jake is currently over partner marketing for Weave and has been heading up the Practice Growth Summit. He has been in healthcare tech for the last 5 years and before that, as a senior marketing consultant for The Pedowtiz Group, working with HBO, Amex, and GE’s marketing teams. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Emphasis Psychology with a minor in Marketing and has been in marketing his whole career. Living in Utah his whole life, he is an avid outdoorsman, sports guy and loves his family of four.

Monroe McKay

Monroe is Director of Business Development for Weave Communications who has a flair for customer success and a passion for improving customer satisfaction. His fervor for providing doctors with tools to strengthen their customer relationships started when he worked at Solutionreach (formerly known as Smile Reminder).  As the fourth employee of the new start-up, he built their Training and Support team and turned it into a place where doctors and their offices could go for the resources they needed. He was also an integral part of helping the company grow its customer base from 150 to 5000 offices.  From Training and Sales, he moved on to become part of the Business Development group where he began working with Key Opinion Leaders and industry influencers. After he left Soltionreach in 2012, he went on to do similar work of building sales best practices and strengthening relationships with key influencers, but in the pharmaceutical arena.  In 2015 he joined Weave and was excited to return to serving in the medical communication space and to learn from and work with some of the best educators and consultants.  With 15+ years at companies who help doctors, Monroe understands how integral communication is to building a successful practice.  He believes that with the right skills and tools that it is possible to wow patients both in the office and on the phone.  When a patient feels taken care of, they want to keep coming back and that contributes to the bottom line.

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Get a demo of WEAVE and $50 Amazon Gift Card

Attend the Practice Growth Virtual Summit

Making Eyewear in Brooklyn, NYC | Gerard Masci | Founder of Lowercase

In This Episode:

Yes, there are frames being made in the USA, specifically in Brooklyn.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gerard Masci of Lowercase NYC at The After Party in San Francisco for the coolest modern-day American eyewear creation story.

From a hedge fund manager on Wall Street for 13 years to learning how to build and design eyewear, Lowercase is one of the most rad eyewear brands to hit the American market in decades.

This podcast brings straight inspiration! So much warm fuzzy feelings knowing people still have the drive and curiosity to accomplish such entrepreneurial goals.

Visit and for more info about the frame brand and this eyewear event held quarterly.

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LowercaseNYC on Facebook and Instagram

The After Party (check out North America’s finest regional trade show)

Episode 20: Creating an Eyewear Brand from Scratch with Shaun Paterson

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Shaun Paterson shares his journey to creating his own eyewear brand with only a business background.

In This Episode:

[5:50] Shaun’s journey into eyecare.

[13:29] Becoming an entrepreneur.

[17:34] Shaun’s goal for his brand.

[20:14] Avoiding some struggles of wholesale frame selling.

[28:46] Getting PR and looking good distributing your message.

[31:04] Questions that ECP’s might have.

[35:58] How Shaun found the right people to manufacture his designs.

[45:50] What’s phase two for Shauns and the independent eyewear movement?

[49:30] The marketing wholesalers need to do.

[55:22] Should you design yourself, or outsource the designing?

[1:04:06] What’s an Italian frame, and what is an Italian frame made in China?

About Shaun Paterson:

Shauns is a California based design label founded by Shaun Paterson in 2011.

Shauns seeks to redefine California style while challenging the notion of what luxury should really stand for.

Shauns products are designed in California and produced in family-owned workshops in Italy.

Shauns aims to celebrate the human capacity in every aspect, from the artisanal way each product is produced, to a deeply rooted social mission that allows Shauns to help mobilize the visually impaired, one pair of glasses at a time.

Shauns philosophy is caled “soulful luxury.”

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Connect with Shaun at (844) 742-8672 or

Episode 17: 41 Years Frame Repping With Bruce Sporn

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Bruce Sporn shares the importance of independent eyewear and how opticians can make a difference.

In This Episode:

[9:30] The consultant to the eyeware industry.

[11:25] How glasses became fashionable.

[14:10] The mentors that really fired up Bruce on his journey.

[17:00] Opticians are really self employed, right?

[20:45] Why Bruce carries independent eyewear.

[24:00] How opticians can differentiate themselves in their business.

[35:40] How opticians can have the mindset that they’re more than just an hourly employee.

[47:40] How can you beat out the market competition?

[1:03:40] What we can utilize to make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

About Bruce Sporn:

Bruce Sporn is a veteran of the optical industry. He is the president of Optical Alternatives, Inc., a consulting and supply firm to Independent Eyecare Professionals. Bruce has been helping independent opticals and optometrists succeed for the last 41 years by providing them top-quality products and education. Today, Bruce dedicates his time on the road to eyewear sales, service, making sure independents stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant and profitable. Representing only independent products, Bruce prides himself on bringing his accounts quality, functional, and fashionable eyewear that meets the needs of trendy eyewear consumers.

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Connect with Bruce at

Bruce currently represents the following frame brands and companies: