How To Create A Private Label Frame Line For Your Office



What is private label?

When you go to the grocery store and buy store brand potato chips….yeah, your local grocery store didn’t make those in the back kitchen. It’s likely Lays made them. We can do the same thing for frames.



Why buy private label to sell in your practice or store?

Same quality frames, 70%+ discount than full-priced frames sold to you from frame reps, made in same factories as your favorite independent frame lines, design your own with an artist or choose from pre-made shapes and colors.



What about returns?

Do you know why frames you sell you cost so much? It’s because you buy 50 pieces at an opening order and then 7 months later you return 20 of them because they didn’t sell. All that costs to re-inventory them cost vendors a lot of time and hassle. When you buy things and promise to not return, the price is reduced. It’s simple business.NO RETURNS NEEDED THE PRICE IS CHEAP ENOUGH.



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What about warranties?

When you buy quality frames, let’s be real, how many times do the frames actually have defective hinges, paint, solders, or weird abnormalities? NEVER! Most “warranties” are due to neglect…sitting on them, sports, etc. When you buy private label lines, you buy at least 3 of each frame. You become your own warranty center. If someone needs a right temple, you just part a frame out…no biggie. It’s a whole different mentality you need to learn. You have saved so much money you don’t need to worry about giving a warranty part for FREE FROM YOUR STOCK!!!



Why should I stock 30-50% of my optical with private label?

Look, we know you won’t stock private label with a major portion of your optical right now. But, over time you can stock a major portion of your optical with it. Guide your opticians to sell the product for an incentive and see your profits boost. Remember, a sales rep gets 20% commission of all the frames you buy. The good sales reps who show up every 2-6 months and who educate and motivate still have value…not trying to be negative here. 



I’m worried private label frames won’t match the great designs I find at trade shows!

The truth is, those favorite luxury and middle-tier frame lines you love, many are made in the same factories in Europe and Asia. Most brands don’t own their own factories…that would cost too much money.  With private label, you can have your frames made in the same factories that make some of the most colorful and uniquely designed glasses. If you can dream it, it can be created. Love a favorite shape or color? You can use inspiration to create any model you think of. 



I’m worried I can’t afford the minimum order quantity…tell me more.

You are right…there is a minimum. The good news is you can partner with many of your fellow colleagues to create a brand together and distribute amongst all of our locations. Fill out this form to find a group to partner with to purchase.


I’m worried vision plans won’t reimburse me for private label frames…is this true?

No no and NO!!!  Vision plans pay for any frame except frame and lens packages that must be sent to special labs like Oakley, Maui Jim, and others. We have looked at insurance contracts and they pay for anything. You might be referring to Frames Data, but that is a total scam…it has nothing to do with anything. It’s a myth.  When you buy private label, you report your wholesale cost to managed care vision plans on the claim form online like you normally would. Nothing changes!!!



How long does it take to manufacture a private label line for me?

Expect anywhere from 3-6 months. Remember, you are buying for the future, not tomorrow. Deciding on designs, colors, sizes and more, it takes a little time to plan. You are buying in bigger quantities, which later on saves you time from having to always buy more and more frames at shows. 



How much does a private label frame cost?

They can cost anywhere from $2 to beyond! You decide what quality of frame you want, whether just the basics for insurance or extra fancy luxury frames. Remember, the frames generally are 70% off what you would usually pay full wholesale since you are skipping the rep and much of the bloat in the buying process.



How do I pay for private label frames?

You pay 50% upfront, and 50% before shipping to your office.



What about reordering private label frames?

Since you already designed your own frames, reordering is easy. You can place the same purchase again.



Can I select what country I want frames made in?

Yes, you can choose from any country of origin where you want your frames made.



Can I add personalization to the frames?

Yes, you can name all your frames your favorite dog names or whatever you choose. You can make all the colors up too that are printed on the inside of the temple.



What about the demo lenses, can I get a customized brand logo?

Yes, you can put your office logo or any other logo you want on the lenses.



What acetate and metal colors and patterns can I choose from?

You can get access to any acetate or metals you want, the rarer the more expensive. There are sources in France, Italy, Japan, and China mainly. You will get to see samples of them before you buy them.



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