Episode 10: Myopia Control With Dr. Cary Herzberg

Learn everything you need to know about myopia control in your practice and developing a big-time Orthokeratology mindset.

In This Episode:

[4:05] Dr. Herzberg’s Background In Optometry

[10:50] The Countries That Have Fellows In The AAOMC

[12:10] How To Go From A Sleepy Practice To The World Stage

[17:05] Why Myopia Control Is Important

[19:30] What Mentality You Should Have To Start Myopia Control In Your Practice

[23:00] Ramping Up The Business Model Of Ortho-K

[24:40] Do You Need To Be Part Of The Indian Or Chinese Population To Develop A Big Time Ortho-K Practice?

[31:55] After You Make The Initial Sale, How To Make Sure Both Patient And Practice Are On The Same Page

[42:20] The Strong Age Ranges For Ortho-K

[43:20] The Next Generation Of Tools For Myopia Prevention

[46:30] When Should You Intervene, And How Forceful Should You Be?

[51:30] How To Manage Your Time To Make A Successful Practice

About Dr. Cary Herzberg:

Dr. Cary M. Herzberg has been in practice for more than forty years in the Aurora, Illinois community and hails from a three-generation Optometric family. Dr. Herzberg is an active participant in the eye care community providing lecturers, articles and technical consultation to the contact lens industry, and has been an FDA investigator on overnight Orthokeratology lenses. As an expert, he has given testimony on the dangers of extended viewing of computer terminals before the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Dr. Herzberg specializes in and has lectured on the subjects of pediatric optometry, computer vision, behavioral vision, Orthokeratology, and corneal scleral lens design. Dr. Herzberg is a board member of the Gas Permeable Lens Institute (advisory position), the Orthokeratology Academy of America (founder/president/board member/fellow), International Academy of Orthokeratology (founder/president/board member/fellow) and former board member and president of the National Eye Research Foundation.

Marketing Tips For Myopia Control In Your Practice

Should you shoot videos that explain what myopia control is and not rely on boiler-plate videos provided by vendors? YES!

Video speaks with compassion and heart and educates on levels people understand. People want entertainment value today in everything they see online. If you don’t have videos on your website, you are really missing out! People are watching video today and not reading. They want to see authenticity and not big corporate branded videos:

😎 Here’s an example of a simple video explaining the ortho-k process and why parents should be concerned about myopia.

Should you be writing blogs about myopia control and orthokeratology so Google ranks you as the authority on those topics in your local market? YES!

No matter how great you are at your profession, the internet does not care or know unless you tell it. You have to write content that the Google robots can read so they can start ranking you on the 1st page of searches. Ever heard of search engine optimization (SEO)? Read on…

Click here to see an example educational ortho-k blog that is patient facing

Getting people to your website is simple. You must have content you wrote or recorded on video! However, it’s not easy writing and recording video as this takes time and planning outside our very busy days in the practice. The rewards are tremendous though when people visit your website and then convert to patients in office.

Guide to rank better on Google searches through the use of SEO:

It’s a long term strategy that you cannot buy. You must put in years of work for it to pay dividends. There’s no better time to start than now. Eye care professionals are dinosaurs when it comes to internet advertising and attracting financially stable patients. Don’t feel like you will never win the battle of gaining traction on online searches because you are late to the game. The amount of quality writing and video about eyecare is really lacking in the consumer / patient education space. Also, the science and methodology of myopia control and other topics change every few years so you can always provide more relevant up-to-date info.

All those website companies you see at eyecare conferences who sell you monthly internet packages and build you a basic website are not doing you any good. It’s all boilerplate content and Google recognizes this as inauthentic and provides no educational value. Next time you think about buying marketing services, don’t just buy Adwords or Facebook Ads and wonder why they don’t work. When people arrive on your website they want something to read about, not just a sales pitch.

Are you handing out boring brochures or giving patients digital resources to read about your myopia control program? Make sure to spend the time to develop your digital education assets from scratch to post on your website.

Here’s an example of a patient resource you should have. Click the picture below to download E-book.



National Eye Research Foundation


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