Episode 11: Ortho-K: Supercharge Your Practice With Dr. Nick Despotidis

Learn the best ways to supercharge your practice focused solely around ortho-k.

In This Episode:

[4:30] Dr. Despotidis’s Journey Into Myopia Management

[15:30] What Is Ortho-K Today?

[19:20] From Acquiring A New Patient Through The Sales Process And The Follow Up Care

[26:10] External Marketing Efforts: Yes Or No?

[34:20] Dealing With Rejection As A Part Of Business: Supercharge

[40:50] The Profitability Aspect Of Ortho-K

[48:00] Step One To Starting Myopia Management

[53:40] The Role Of Referrals

[57:40] Different Lenses For Myopia Management

About Dr. Nick Despotidis:

It was his children’s need for eyeglasses at very young ages that sparked his passion to investigate and address the growing number of children requiring eyeglasses. He’s the lead author of the book My Children Are Nearsighted Too. “Dr. D” (as his patients fondly refer to him) has been practicing optometry for over 30 years and brings a heightened level of compassion to every child in his care. He was invited to speak at TEDx AsburyPark—to share his passion, “A Childhood Disease Worth Preventing.”

Important Links:

Dr. Despotidis’s book


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