Episode 12: Bridging The Bricks & Clicks Eyewear Gap With David Barton

Learn about the world of online eyewear and the benefits you can find there.

In This Episode:

[3:35] How David Was Introduced To The Optical Industry

[6:00] What Changed David’s Mindset About Where Eyewear Was Going

[10:55] Upholding The Relationships Your Clients Want

[13:40] What’s More Important, The Brand Or The Experience?

[18:25] The David Kind Brand

[25:15] Trends Today In Eyewear

[27:20] Who To Sell Good Quality Eyewear To

[30:25] How To Deal With Fraud When It Comes To Buying Expensive Frames

[31:35] How To Engage With Your Customers

[33:50] David’s Relationship With The ECP

[35:15] Where David Fits Into The Luxury Market

[39:35] Where The Eyewear Industry Is Going

[43:35] Why Can’t Wholesalers Invest Online To Drive Business To Brick And Mortar Stores?

[46:55] Where Geo-Fencing Should Be For Your Brand

[50:10] Addressing People’s Fears Of Online Buying And Selling

[54:20] How To Get Back To Goodwill And Personalized Service Blended With Do It Yourself

About David Barton:

David Barton is Founder & CEO of DavidKind.com, and formerly of Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith Spectacles. He draws on over a decade making eyewear for the best brands in the world, having traveled across the globe in search of the best materials and style options. He is based in Southern California.

David Kind Eyewear is the first digitally native vertical brand (DNVB) to partner with optometrists and merge the online/offline consumer experience.

The brand has been popular with ODs because: 1. price-points are consistent with optical retail therefore accessible via insurance programs, etc 2. our ECP Partnership program pays ODs for sales converted online by tracking their Rx’s 3. online fitting measurements are accurate (SEG, OC, PD).

Important Links:

Imagery on our Spring 2019 capsule collection release

Video on our quality and why that matters:

Focus on Quality: The David Kind Story from davidkind on Vimeo.




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