Episode 13: Business Pearls For Private Practice With Dr. David Haine

Learn about purchasing practices, the lifetime value of a patient, and how to get the lowest price for a piece of equipment that a company offers.

In This Episode:

[3:55] Dr. Haine’s Journey Into Optometry

[8:50] Keep Thriving In Optometry

[11:10] How Many Practices Should You Have?

[12:40] The Nuances Of Co-Management

[17:10] How To Achieve The Business Reciprocity with Ophthalmology

[29:00] Dr. Haine’s Experience As A Consultant

[40:00] What Disruptive Innovations In Optometry Dr. Haine Has His Eyes On

[50:20] What Can You Do To Make A Significant Impact In Your Practice

About Dr. David Haine:

Dr. David Haine, OD, is an Optometry specialist in Richmond, Virginia. He attended and graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1997, having over 22 years of diverse experience, especially in Optometry.

Important Links:

Check out Dr. Haine’s website at FECCVA.com

Connect with Dr. Haine at drhaine@feccva.com

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