Episode 15: Virtual Try-On Eyewear and E-Commerce Opportunities with Kevin Hundert

Get a behind the scenes look into the creation of eyewear in factories, along with consumers’ reactions to purchasing frames online, the omni-channel approach Ditto is developing, and so much more.

In This Episode:

[2:55] The Hundert family tradition of eyewear.

[7:08] Key pearls from working in an eyewear factory in China.

[10:40] Kevin’s life after the factory.

[12:54] How customers responded to buying frames online.

[16:38] The omni-channel approach Ditto is developing.

[19:40] The next generation of virtual try on.

[21:58] The procedures and purpose of Ditto.

[27:00] What Ditto is doing to get involved with beta testing and implementing into real-world applications.

[37:45] What should brick and mortar stores be doing online today to make sure their brands stand out?

[42:05] The future of what opticals should be selling online.

[45:20] How do you differentiate between what’s quality and what’s not with online eyewear?

[50:35] Will Amazon be a player in the online eyewear industry?

[51:55] Will there be a barrier of entry for ECP’s?

[54:55] What to get excited about in the near future.

About Kevin Hundert:

Kevin Hundert is currently the Business Development Manager at Ditto.com. The Hundert’s family has been in the industry since the mid ’70s when his grandfather started REM Eyewear, a top manufacturer for the likes of John Varvatos, Converse, Lucky Brand, and more.

In 2013, Kevin launched a direct-to-consumer eyewear brand called Made Eyewear. The company featured an at-home-try-on program similar to that of Warby Parker. The eyewear started at $84 and was quality design and material focused at that price point. Kevin hoped to disrupt the traditional store-bought eyewear model since consumers want easier access to products and more reasonable price points on eyewear. Made Eyewear also worked with ECPs, to help bridge the gap of online and in-store. Made ceased its operations, but it was a learning experience that provided Kevin with tremendous knowledge about the online marketplace for eyewear.

Today, Kevin works to expand Ditto.com which is a company focused on virtual try-on and frame recommendation technology for eyewear retailers.

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Connect with Kevin at kevin@ditto.com


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