Episode 16: Managing Insurance Payments and Compliance in Optometry with Jerry Godwin

Get a behind the scenes look into compliance, revenue cycle management, education, insurance, and so much more with Jerry Godwin.

In This Episode:

[6:20] How Jerry got into eyecare.

[7:25] What OMS is.

[9:18] What happens when someone calls looking for an assessment.

[12:00] Revenue cycle management: how it works and how it can be improved.

[13:44] Why someone might want to outsource medical billing as opposed to having someone in office.

[20:02] Is there an easy way to access insurance information?

[25:10] How you can find savings by outsourcing.

[28:10] Ways you can scale today.

[36:55] What practices are doing today to manage debt collections.

[41:34] What’s involved in compliance.

[48:25] What are the steps for practices to critically look at their current situation and decide on whether or not they need help?

[52:25] The do’s and don’t’s of social media.

[1:03:00] The private equity market.

About Jerry Godwin:

Jerry Godwin is the president & CEO of Optometric Medical Solutions (OMS), a practice management firm specializing in consulting, compliance, revenue cycle management, and education focused on implementing medical eye care in the optometric practice. Jerry has developed software, systems and processes to mitigate the challenges the Eye Care Professional (ECP) faces. His diverse background in the healthcare industry provides unique expertise developing critical business infrastructure and implementing practice solutions in a competitive eye care market. His vast experience over the past 18 years in multi-discipline physician practice settings including the ownership and operation of a home health company and outpatient therapy clinics provides visionary leadership and exceptional execution of deliverables to his clients. Jerry’s knowledge base and experience provide the expertise necessary for guiding your practice to success and motivating your staff to their fullest potential. Jerry earned his Executive MBA focused on leadership and change from the Center for Professional Excellence at University of Texas San Antonio. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas San Antonio earning a BA in Finance.

Important Links:

Check out Jerry’s website at OMS.com

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