Episode 17: 41 Years Frame Repping With Bruce Sporn

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Bruce Sporn shares the importance of independent eyewear and how opticians can make a difference.

In This Episode:

[9:30] The consultant to the eyeware industry.

[11:25] How glasses became fashionable.

[14:10] The mentors that really fired up Bruce on his journey.

[17:00] Opticians are really self employed, right?

[20:45] Why Bruce carries independent eyewear.

[24:00] How opticians can differentiate themselves in their business.

[35:40] How opticians can have the mindset that they’re more than just an hourly employee.

[47:40] How can you beat out the market competition?

[1:03:40] What we can utilize to make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

About Bruce Sporn:

Bruce Sporn is a veteran of the optical industry. He is the president of Optical Alternatives, Inc., a consulting and supply firm to Independent Eyecare Professionals. Bruce has been helping independent opticals and optometrists succeed for the last 41 years by providing them top-quality products and education. Today, Bruce dedicates his time on the road to eyewear sales, service, making sure independents stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant and profitable. Representing only independent products, Bruce prides himself on bringing his accounts quality, functional, and fashionable eyewear that meets the needs of trendy eyewear consumers.

Important Links:

Connect with Bruce at spexgeye@aol.com

Bruce currently represents the following frame brands and companies:

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