Episode 19: Current State of Healthcare with Anesthesiologist Eric Larson, MD

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Dr. Eric Larson dives into the current state of the healthcare system, including the direct primary care model, business models of hospitals, and so much more.

In This Episode:

[5:42]  The Paradox Podcast

[7:06] The advantage of the direct primary care model.

[12:20] How to help people realize that they can pay with cash instead of always through insurance.

[15:10] Seeking care despite a high deductible plan.

[16:45] The business model of hospitals and what’s going on in health care consolidation.

[22:20] What happens when a patient needs more days in the hospital.

[24:30] Are we repeating history when it comes to hospitals and healthcare systems becoming more vertical?

[27:30] Efficiency in third party payers.

[43:50] Are drugs cheaper outside of the US?

[50:05] Are physicians saying enough is enough?

[56:10] Maintenance of certification.

[1:00:15] Systems that work for healthcare.

About Dr. Eric Larson:

Eric Larson, MD is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. Eric is in private practice and is board certified in anesthesiology where he specializes in ambulatory, preoperative acute pain, and general anesthesia. He serves as the president of the Kent County Medical Society and practices anesthesiology in a large independent single specialty group in Grand Rapids, MI.

He works in the Grand Rapids, MI area and is married to a pediatrician with whom he has three children and one foster son (now grown and soon moved out of the house).

He is the host of the popular new podcast, Paradocs. The show covers a range of topics related to medicine and the delivery system. Specifically, Dr. Larson interviews another doctor (usually) where they discuss the issues facing physicians in medicine and how it affects their practice and patients.

You can find the Paradocs on all podcast software or at his website, www.theparadocs.com.

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The Paradocs Podcast

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