Episode 20: Creating an Eyewear Brand from Scratch with Shaun Paterson

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Shaun Paterson shares his journey to creating his own eyewear brand with only a business background.

In This Episode:

[5:50] Shaun’s journey into eyecare.

[13:29] Becoming an entrepreneur.

[17:34] Shaun’s goal for his brand.

[20:14] Avoiding some struggles of wholesale frame selling.

[28:46] Getting PR and looking good distributing your message.

[31:04] Questions that ECP’s might have.

[35:58] How Shaun found the right people to manufacture his designs.

[45:50] What’s phase two for Shauns and the independent eyewear movement?

[49:30] The marketing wholesalers need to do.

[55:22] Should you design yourself, or outsource the designing?

[1:04:06] What’s an Italian frame, and what is an Italian frame made in China?

About Shaun Paterson:

Shauns is a California based design label founded by Shaun Paterson in 2011.

Shauns seeks to redefine California style while challenging the notion of what luxury should really stand for.

Shauns products are designed in California and produced in family-owned workshops in Italy.

Shauns aims to celebrate the human capacity in every aspect, from the artisanal way each product is produced, to a deeply rooted social mission that allows Shauns to help mobilize the visually impaired, one pair of glasses at a time.

Shauns philosophy is caled “soulful luxury.”

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Connect with Shaun at (844) 742-8672 or sales@shaunscalifornia.com

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