Episode 25: Real Dry Eye Patient Confessions With Anu Chiarelli

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Anu Chiarelli shares her experiences as a dry eye patient. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[3:24] How Anu was introduced to the dry eye support group she is a part of now.

[6:02] What has Anu’s eyecare experience been like?

[10:04] What is Lipiview and how does it work?

[13:22] How healthcare works in Canada versus in the US.

[16:11] What did Anu’s diagnosis look like?

[22:25] Anu’s mental state while suffering from dry eye.

[30:44] SBA24 sea buckthorn oil- what is it and how can it help?

[34:54] The ineffective treatments for dry eye.

[38:02] The lack of standardization of treatment.

[40:52] How are doctors at the collaborative treatment model in Canada?

[45:03] What to do if you’ve had dry eye and have gotten no relief.

About Anu Chiarelli:

Anu Chiarelli got introduced into the world of dry eyes when she developed symptoms in 2017. She was diagnosed soon after and is living well with the condition. Anu lives in Calgary, Canada and is married with two adult children. Professionally she has worked as a registered nurse for over thirty years with people of all ages in hospital and community settings and as a nursing instructor. With a masters degree in counseling, she has a private practice as a nurse-therapist focusing on the health of the whole person.

Important Links:

If you want to know about the SBA24 sea buckthorn oil, the Ophthalmologists Society of Finland refers to these studies: http://www.medicinreferenser.se/Membrasin.html

Here are some more articles about SBA24 sea buckthorn oil:



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