Episode 27: Life Of Lens Lab Owner With Janet Benjamin of Laramy-K Optical Lab

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Janet Benjamin of Laramy-K Optical Labs takes a deep dive into private/independent labs versus big name companies, and how those differences can affect you. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[3:20] How did Janet get into optical, and owning her own lab?

[11:30] What is Laramy-K optical?

[14:21] What is uncut, and why is that Janet’s specialty?

[19:08] When would you want to have an uncut?

[21:16] How should an ECP choose a lab to work with?

[28:58] What happens when a lab’s service goes from good to bad?

[33:58] The top three things that cause order delays.

[40:16] How we should improve our service and save money at the same time.

[48:44] How does the big-name companies and the independent differ?

[1:00:28] What to keep in mind going into 2020.

About The Guest:

Janet Benjamin, is the owner and president of Laramy-K Optical. Janet has been in the business of making the impossible happen in optics for 46 years. Together with her now-deceased husband, Jack Benjamin, she has been at the head of two cutting edge independent optical laboratories that have pushed the boundaries of lens surfacing with the help of an amazing team.

“People are what make the difference here, both in the lab and the customers we serve,” said Janet. “I have seen many changes over the decades in the optical field, from technology advancements to corporate buyouts, and I’ve made it her goal to continue doing business the way I have her whole life: breaking rules with independence, innovation, and heart. It is important for us to have real relationships with our customers because if you truly know your customer, you can serve them better.”

If you ever call Laramy-K, you will notice the difference in customer service from pretty much anywhere else. Janet is always there to talk to people personally and spends most of her days answering customer questions and solving problems to help their patients see the best they possibly can.

Independence in the optical industry is Janet’s passion. She has many times called Laramy-K “fiercely independent,” and in addition to serving mainly independent opticians and practices, she also supports independent vendors. The majority of the work that comes through her lab is done using products from these vendors. She strives to provide the very best products, from digital progressives, to anti-reflective and mirror coatings, to simple, high-quality standard surfacing, all out from under the thumb of the “big guys.” Janet can answer questions, calculate formulas, deliver top-notch lenses, paint her nails and throw out some snark, all while running her business like a boss. Because she is the boss…The Independent Optical Boss.

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