Episode 29: Dry Eye Home Therapy | NuSight Medical

Home dry eye maintenance treatments…what’s new? We’re talking with NuLids, a manufacturer of a daily use dry eye treatment device to see how patients can maintain compliance.

In This Episode:

[3:02] How the guests got involved with NuSight Medical.

[5:10] What is NuLids?

[12:47] NuLids versus an in-office treatment.

[18:13] Where NuLids can fit into your practice.

[19:49] Dealing with squeamish patients.

[29:50] Are you wary of selling in your clinic?

[41:32] Should you charge for dry eye treatments in-office?

[49:03] What happens if the patient doesn’t like NuLids?

About The Guests:

Kevin Jones

  • Vice President, Business Development
  • NuSight Medical, LLC
  • 22 years award-winning executive sales management in Ophthalmology & Optometry
  • Previous roles include:
    • *Founder and Principal of award-winning medical device distribution company
    • *Sales & Territory Management
    • *Sales Training

David Frigerio

Vice President of Sales and Business Development at NuSight Medical


NuSight Medical

NuSight Medical is a device manufacturer that developed NuLids, a doctor-directed, at home, Dry Eye Treatment and Lid Hygiene product. Nulids is sold in the US, Canada, and Europe to Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Hospitals and Teaching Institutes. I was brought on to manage the US product launch, Sales, and to develop an Independent Dealer program sales program. I currently control sales for Michigan and manage a distributor sales team that covers 36 states. The company has experienced sales growth of 40x since August 2017. Our product is now in over 3000 households, and is being sold by over 500 Eye Care Professionals.


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