Episode 7: Life Of A Frame Rep With Misty Tusing


Learn the truths of frame representatives, the secrets of the sales process, and how to improve performance in optical.

In This Episode:

[1:05] The Start Of Misty’s Optical Journey

[3:45] The Definition Of A Frame Representative

[4:35] How To Not Waste Your Time As A Frame Representative

[10:20] How To Know What Style Is Right For Each Area

[11:55] Expanding The Price Range Of Your Product

[13:00] How To Change The Culture Of An Optical

[16:35] What People Don’t Understand About Frame Reps

[18:50] What To Do With Old Frames That Didn’t Sell

[20:50] How To Know The Quality Of The Frames You Get

[22:05] A Good Thought Process For A Sales Visit

[25:35] How An Optician Should Approach The Sales Process

[28:45] What To Present First In The Sales Process

[29:55] What To Do With A Buyer Making All The Wrong Decisions

[32:05] Should The Owner Be Involved In The Sales Process?

[33:50] How To Avoid Being Manipulated

[36:05] The Secrets On The Wholesale Side

[37:30] How To Know When To Move On To Better Quality Accounts

[45:55] How To Avoid The Negatives Of Shipping

[49:45] How Opticians Can Improve Performance In Optical

[1:02:05] How To Guide Buyers To The Best Value

About Misty Tusing:

Misty Tusing has been the key accounts manager for Studio Optyx with her own territory of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. She is an optical veteran when it comes to frames. She has had a long history with optical, almost two decades, and that has given her a lot of different experiences she can draw on. Her passion lies in the independent side of optical. Currently, Misty works for Hoya Vision Care.

Connect with Misty and Important Links:



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