Episode 9: Dennis Zelazowski, Inventor of Chemistrie Clips and Co-Founder 3DNA Eyewear

Learn everything you need to know about 3DNA and how to take advantage of modern practices in optometry and optical.

In This Episode:

[3:30] Dennis’s Reasoning For Moving To Hong Kong

[5:20] Dennis’s Journey In The Optical Industry

[11:10] The Development of Chemistrie Clips

[18:20] The Long Term Strategy For Opticals To Be Successful

[21:00] How The 3DNA System Fits Into Optometry

[26:45] 3DNA vs It’s Competitors

[31:30] Practical Applications Of 3D Scanning

[35:45] The Real Purposes Of Telemedicine

[40:50] The Betatron Event In Hong Kong

[43:40] Connectivity And Eyeglasses

[47:20] How To Keep Up With Change






About Dennis Zelazowski:

Dennis is a third generation optician, Inventor of the Chemistrie magnetic lenses, founder of Eyenavision, and Co-Founder of 3DNA Eyewear, recipient of Japan’s “Good Design Award” and recently named to the “Top 50 Retail Innovators of Hong Kong. Growing up inside the optical business has positioned Dennis to be a leading innovator in the industry. Dennis has been involved with Marketing and Development of optical solutions for over 20 years. Dennis has worked in nearly every facet of the optical industry, including: private practice; retail locations; and the wholesale supply chain. He has worked for a variety of companies, ranging from independent, single-location practices, to multi-location hybrids, and optical conglomerates. Dennis, a native to the greater Pittsburgh area, has apprenticed in optical trade locally, as well as in Colorado and Washington. Dennis’ educational background includes course work at Northern Arizona University, University of Pittsburgh and the Robert E. Cook Honor College at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dennis has also earned his certification as a Microsoft Systems Engineer. Dennis holds Seven US patents for optical frame and lens design and several additional patents-pending. Dennis has successfully designed and implemented software for Retail, Wholesale, Laboratory, B2B, and B2C applications in the optical field.

Connect with Dennis and Important Links:


Learn more about 3DNA Eyewear

Link to Patents



Contact Dennis: dz@eye-dna.com

WhatsApp: +852 5527 0678

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