Episode 2: 3 Millennials Explain How They Buy Glasses

Learn the inner-mindset how 3 college-educated millennial’s make purchasing decisions.

In This Episode:

[3:15] The Purchasing Patterns of Millennials

[5:40] When Do Millennials Prefer Service?

[7:45] Do Millennials prefer corporations or small businesses?

[8:32] Millennial’s perception of pricing.

[10:52] Online eyecare: yes or no?

[14:30] How To Get A Five Star Review From A Millennial.

[16:54] Do Millennials look up reviews?

[18:04] How Millannials find their health care providers.

[20:16] What your presence needs to be on social media, and how Millennials use social media in their purchases.

[26:04] How to not come off as a greedy professional.

[27:58] How Millennials choose between a chain optometry store or a small, privately owned store.

[32:58] How Millennials feel about charitable causes.

[35:16] How the country of origins effects Millennial’s purchases.

[40:20] Should you be hitting social media hard?

About The Three Millennials:

Taylor Bellus: Graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Strategic Communications. She has been residing on the Kansas City-Missouri side with a focus in networking and finance.

Kris Mo: Graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He is currently working as a field engineer for a waters corporation while he saves money for a house.

Molly Oberstein-Allen: Graduated from the University of Oklahoma and moved to China for two years. She recently moved back in with her parents while she saves money through a period of career transition.

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