Episode 3: Dr. Gulani—The DaVinci of Eyes

Perform in your practice like a rockstar and practice medically to the highest level achievable.

In This Episode:

[6:03] Dr. Gulani’s beginnings as an entrepreneur.

[7:30] Key principles in attracting the perfect clientele.

[10:25] How a superstar functions during the day. 

[12:05] How to get as many surgery patients as you can.

[15:10] How to handle patients that need expensive treatment but don’t have the money.

[18:20] The symbiotic relationship between ophthalmology and optometry.

[21:40] Learn the importance of referrals.

[24:45] How to handle people who don’t want to wear contacts.

[28:25] The KLEAR system in action.

[36:15] The problems stopping a higher level of eye care.

[43:00] How to make the surgeon the center of the process- the importance of the comfort of the surgeon.

[46:50] Staff involvement in creating the perfect patient experience.

[59:35] Should you take medical insurance?

[1:11:30] Dr. Gulani’s exit strategy.

About Dr. Gulani:

Dr. Arun Gulani is a world renowned eye surgeon. Former Chief of Cornea and Refractive Surgery at University of Florida, he is the founding Director and Chief Surgeon of the internationally famous, Gulani Vision Institute in Jacksonville, Florida-USA.

Listed in FORBES (goldline research) among Top Ten Laser Vision Surgeons in the USA and as one of the most famous eye surgeons in the world with a global clientele, Dr.Gulani is internationally reknown for his inventions, ground-breaking, innovative surgical techniques and publications, Dr.Gulani is a Master Surgeon, Teacher, Award Winning Inventor and Author who travels the world on invitation to share his passion.

Fondly known by colleagues as the “da Vinci” of eye surgery for his artistic surgical skills, “Man of Vision” for his relentless pursuit of “Vision beyond 20/20” and “Dr. GQ” for his immaculate dress sense and fashion, he lends elegance and artistry to eye surgery leading him to invent the Super-specialty of “Corneoplastique™” to raise Eye surgery itself to an ART.

With his “High Tech”- “High Touch” approach, he has revolutionized the doctor-patient relationship providing personalized care for every patient challenging the very business model prevalent in the world of medicine today

Super-specialized in Advanced LASIK, Custom Corneal and Premium Cataract surgery, Dr.Gulani has uniquely woven the full spectrum of Kerato-Lenticulo-Refractive Surgery to Custom Design a specific surgical plan for each patient individually and is always among the First in the world to introduce new technologies, techniques and protocols as a consultant to patients, eye surgeons and the eye care industry itself.

With an eye of an Artist and a Passion to help people see, he has turned Jacksonville, Florida into the Vision destination for the world.

Connect with Dr. Gulani:


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