Episode 4: Italian Eyewear Manufacturing and 3D Scanned Eyewear

Hear about the origins of Italian eyewear manufacturing and also 3D facial scanned eyewear of the future. 

In This Episode:

[0:50] The birthplace of Italian eyewear.

[3:05] Entering the frame world as an entrepreneur.

[6:50] What sets Italian eyewear apart.

[11:00] The necessity of knowing the history of your frame.

[13:10] The differences between policies in the United States and abroad.

[16:10] How to differentiate your manufacturing techniques from your competitors.

[18:50] How eyewear factories know how many frames to produce and what the demand is.

[20:55] How to make frames on demand so you don’t have too much surplus.

[24:35] Custom eyewear made with 3-D scanning technology, and how that is changing the industry.

[30:35] How the methods of shopping for eyewear are changing.

[40:40] Will the price of frames be increased?

[43:10] How to set yourself apart when it comes to eyewear.

About Giulia Valmassoi:

Born in Domegge di Cadore, Italy in 1987 Giulia graduated in Foreign Trade Economics at Ca’ Foscari in Treviso in 2010. Giulia’s first professional post was to work for a prestigious Real Estate Agency in New York City. After almost 2 years she moved on to expand and lead her family business in the United States, first based in New York followed by the opening in 2014 of the new US branch in Miami.

Since 2013 she’s had the great fortune to work for Thema-A Family Factory.This Company was founded by an extraordinary entrepreneur – Giorgio Valmassoi – who started working with his brothers in a small lens factory in the Cadore valley, in Italy, with only one ambition, that the WORLD was the arena in which he wanted to compete, and thanks to this Giulia made the big stride to start the USA division. Giulia is focused on the new class of young people, because smaller niche companies must be more agile, more open, faster and she is focused on these three axes.


Connect with Giulia:




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