Formula For Bringing On An OD Associate

On the podcast today we will be touching on topics that are popular at practice management meetings. How to find, compensate and keep an associate. The differences between a buying group and alliance group. What to do with private equity. All that and more in this episode of Eyetrepreneur.

In This Episode:

[2:54] Guest introduction.
[7:14] The difference between alliance groups and purchasing groups.
[11:58] How to get an associate.
[16:13] Benefits of having an associate.
[21:46] How do you know when you need an associate?
[31:29] Scheduling.
[36:06] Finding an associate.
[45:27] Vision plans.
[53:24] Opportunities to go for right now to maintain profitability.
[59:41] Importance of online presence.

About The Guest:

Dr. Sude is co-founder and current President of Novus Clinic. He was a member of the prestigious American Society of Eyecare Specialists. This group was comprised of the twelve most influential Optometrists in the U.S.


Dr. Sude was co-founder of OD Excellence, one of the largest eye care alliances of eye doctors in the country. Additionally, Dr. Sude was co-founder of Charity Fundraisers, Inc. This organization made annual donations to chronically ill children at Akron Children’s Hospital.


In his spare time, he is an advocate for animal welfare and enjoys watching the Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Cavaliers. Spending time with his family and his beloved dog, Cooper, brings him great joy.



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