How Frames Are Made in Japan

Frames are laborious and hard to make. There are not little robots cranking them out. It still takes a lot of hand work. Learn how frames are made from the Japanese frame making expert Christopher Esposito who lives in Niigata, Japan.

You will learn:

–Difference between Chinese and Japanese acetate

–How frames are polished

–How to determine if a frame is good quality

–How Asian fit frames are made

–The manufacturing steps

–Why frames cost so much to make

–How to design your own collection

–What made in Japan means

–The different types of equipment used

Guest: Christopher Esposito

In This Episode:

[2:44] Guest Introduction.
[9:17] Workshop tour.
[11:38] Acetate production.
[28:34] The design software they use.
[38:26] Average frame price.
[39:08] Japanese hinges.
[44:34] Japan’s process vs China vs Europe.



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