In-Office Edging | Optical Profit Center with Allan Panzer, OD

In This Episode:


The optical today is still where practices can make 50% or more of their revenue. You have to be smart and take control of your production instead of giving away the profits to your labs. Even with all the crazy acquisitions from insurance companies and private equity, the room for your optical to grow is ample!

Any employee or doctor can be trained on how to edge in office over a few days. It’s not rocket science. Simply purchase an edger, and the installation company will teach you the basics right away. Listen as we talk with Allan J. Panzer about implementing in-office edging.


About The Guest:


Dr. Allan Panzer is committed to providing quality personalized eye care. Helping children with their eyesight problems – especially those who have special needs – is one of his main priorities and interests.

He is a certified Optometric Glaucoma Specialist. Dr. Panzer also has a passion for specialty contact lenses for myopia control and has been a big advocate for orthokeratology for over a decade.

Dr. Panzer’s practice has a major emphasis on dry eye prevention and effective treatments. He is an early adopter of technology and now uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to help his patients find dry eye relief.

His onsite laboratory makes it fast and easy to provide all eyewear needs and there are literally hundreds of frame styles to choose from in every price range — from very serviceable to the latest high fashions.

He recognizes that we all live in a fast-paced environment with busy lifestyles and schedules, so he works hard to make sure that all patients receive personal attention in a timely manner and that his staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained.




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