Integrating Optometry into Health System

Are you an optometrist that doesn’t quite know how you fit into the overall health system? How do you get them to come to you, how do you get other practices to refer patients to you, and how do you find your place in the eyecare system? All that and more is answered on this episode of Eyetrepreneur.

In This Episode:

[3:00] Jim’s journey into developing coherent eyecare.

[4:44] Clinically integrated eyecare network.

[10:47] The medical side of eyewear businesses.

[13:29] The lack of communication around optometry and primary care management.

[21:57] What practice will be referred to?

[23:04] The requirements providers need to meet with patients with diabetes at the end of the year.

[31:33] The first step for optometrists to get those new patients.

[36:42] Macra, meaningful use, and other such programs.

[41:55] Private equity groups.

[46:56] What the quality improvement person will ask.

[49:00] Avoiding organized optometry.

[53:57] Your medical eyecare practice.

[56:08] How to involve the services like those of coherent eyecare.

About The Guest:

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