Making Eyewear in Brooklyn, NYC | Gerard Masci | Founder of Lowercase

In This Episode:

Yes, there are frames being made in the USA, specifically in Brooklyn.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gerard Masci of Lowercase NYC at The After Party in San Francisco for the coolest modern-day American eyewear creation story.

From a hedge fund manager on Wall Street for 13 years to learning how to build and design eyewear, Lowercase is one of the most rad eyewear brands to hit the American market in decades.

This podcast brings straight inspiration! So much warm fuzzy feelings knowing people still have the drive and curiosity to accomplish such entrepreneurial goals.

Visit and for more info about the frame brand and this eyewear event held quarterly.

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LowercaseNYC on Facebook and Instagram

The After Party (check out North America’s finest regional trade show)

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