Market Perspective | Former VSP Global CEO Jim McGrann & Current CEO of Healthy Eyes Advantage

Are you worried that there aren’t enough pieces of the pie for you? Jim McGrann of Healthy Eyes Advantage and former CEO of VSP Global shares his candor of the eyecare industry. We know you have mixed feelings of managed care, so we talk the good and bad.  Take a deep dive into optometry from the business side and learn how we should be promoting more frequent eye exams. Should you adopt telemedicine? Should you expand into ecommerce? All that and more is on this episode of Eyetrepreneur. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[3:20] How did Jim get into eyecare?

[11:19] Can the pie get bigger?

[17:36] Be a part of the brand story as an optometrist.

[25:30] The story of Healthy Eyes Advantage.

[35:08] How to provide more value to ECP’s.

[39:20] The role of private equity.

[45:14] Should we adopt telemedicine?

[48:56] Expanding into ecommerce.

[59:15] Keeping patients engaged.

About The Guest:

Jim McGrann is an engaging, decisive and adaptable leader with a demonstrated history of delivering results in the healthcare, insurance, technology, supply chain and consulting industries. Mr. McGrann is an experienced CEO, CTO & CIO with a passion for helping businesses win in the marketplace while growing profitably and achieving change amid order, and order amid change. Mr. McGrann possesses the ideal mix of business skills, technology expertise and creativity to lead in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. He has been a C-Level executive for 20 years and has also served on both internal and external boards of directors.
Mr. McGrann is the Chairman & CEO of Healthy Eyes Advantage a solutions company that empowers independent eye care professionals to succeed in the rapidly evolving optical industry.
Prior to joining Healthy Eyes Advantage, Mr. McGrann was the President & CEO of VSP Global, a $5.3B vertically integrated healthcare organization with the mission of helping people see. He successfully navigated the needs of a complex set of stakeholders, including 83M customers, 60K clients, 37K doctors, 6K global employees & numerous business partners including fashion houses, lens & lab, software and eyewear companies.
From December 2008 to November 2011, before becoming CEO of VSP Global, Mr. McGrann served as VSP Global’s President of Eyefinty, the largest practice management and electronic health record company in the Optical industry serving 25K doctors, VSP Global’s Chief Technology Officer and President of VSP Vision Care, the largest healthcare company in the world (by membership) providing vision benefits to 83M consumers (including 1 in 4 Americans).
From December 2011 to September 2015, while President of VSP Vision Care, Mr. McGrann focused on winning in the marketplace and the business grew by $1.02B (34%) and 23.7M members (42%) while delivering record EBITDA and NIBT. He also led the creation and strategic development of VSP Global’s innovation lab, The Shop. Mr. McGrann leveraged revolutionary techniques such as design thinking, user-centered design and nexus management to successfully launch The Shop in a three-month period of time.
While President of VSP Vision Care, Mr. McGrann was Chairman of the Board for the National Association of Vision Care Plans (NAVCP). The NAVCP is the national association established in order to act as the unified voice representing the managed vision care industry. Mr. McGrann was elected as Chairman by his peers at competing organizations.
Mr. McGrann’s employer Marchon Eyewear was acquired by VSP Global in August 2008. From August 1999 to November 2008 Mr. McGrann was the CIO of Marchon Eyewear and the CEO of OfficeMate Software Solutions (a Marchon Company). Mr. McGrann led the post-acquisition integration team following VSP Global’s acquisition of Marchon. Before joining Marchon, Mr. McGrann spent 15 years as a management consultant and partner for Accenture, IBM and EY.
Mr. McGrann lives in New Yok City with his wife Taryn. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University. He was a Member of the Wall Street Journal CEO Council from 2015 to 2017.


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