wholesale subscription frame and Rx lens program model

Offer your patients a frame and lens package as low as $150 retail (*includes anti-reflective)

$0 Down

80 frames shipped to your office for $0 down

$179/month membership

Rx frame and lens program

$179/month gets you access to our collection of 80 frames at no charge and access to our membership

Full refund

Don't like the frames? Send them back for a full-refund within 90 days. (don't worry, we have thick skin).

How it works


Optician picks out twelve84 frame with patient


Discuss pricing with patient


Order through twelve84 online portal


Leave the frame on the board - we'll ship the complete pair to patient's home or your office


Check status anytime online


Delivery in 7-10 business days

To heck with the paper trail and dealing with credit memos

Free Rx remakes no questions asked
Free lens warranties (2-year unlimited)
Free shipping
No display. You will showcase the frames on your own optical boards and you’ll choose if you want to display all of them at once or just some.
China. We’ve visited the factory and they are the utmost quality at this price point with clean working conditions.
We’re virtual and available all working hours via chat or call
Yes. Onboarding comes with a 60-min training session on how to order the complete Rx pairs online. We also teach best package pricing sales tips.

No, keep them, we trust you.

There's only 2 ways to make money in optical retail.



Sell more eyewear



Sell more expensive eyewear

Twelve84 helps you SELL MORE EYEWEAR

3x margins. Fair pricing for all.
Rx Quality Patient Price Practice Cost Practice Profit
Single-Vision Discover $149 $49 $100
Inspire $249 $99 $150
Flat-top 28 Discover $159 $59 $100
PAL Discover $249 $84 $165
Inspire $349 $134 $215
Optional Add-Ons Polarized or Transitions 8 $100 $35 $65
Discover (CR-39 or Poly, Standard AR) Inspire (Trivex, 1.60, 1.67, premium AR, or Blue Light AR)
Achieve REAL profitability. No chargebacks from vision insurance labs and no fake discounts.
Not every patient wants a $300+ pair of eyewear.

Create affordability through our wholesale subscription frame and Rx lens program model

Stop losing your patients to Costco and Warby Parker with Rx to go