Optical Lady Bosses | Autianna Wilson + Anissa Laval | Knowing Your Worth, Asking For Raises, and Indie Eyewear Tips

In This Episode:

There’s nothing sexier than a woman that knows optics and fashion. These two ladies, Anissa Laval and Autianna Wilson are crushing the optical game on all fronts.

Here’s what we talk about:
1. Knowing your worth
2. How to ask for a raise
3. How to find mentorship
4. Women in optical
5. What is independent eyewear?
6. Social media hacks for optical

This podcast was recorded on June 25, 2019 at The After Party, a regional independent eyewear event.

About Autianna Wilson:

Dedicated to her line of work as an optician, Autianna Wilson is the Optical Goddess. Known for her exceptional skill in frame selection, lens knowledge and uncensored honest opinions on eyewear/fashion, she is killing the game. Autianna enjoys independent, avant garde, eyewear designs and is always on top of what’s trending. She is most recognized for her wide selection of selfies x glasses and eclectic style. Outside of her life in the optical industry, Autianna is passionate about plus-size fashion, makeup and being an inspiration to all, to keep going – stay motivated and live out what you desire!

About Anissa Laval:

Info to come…


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The After Party (check out North America’s finest regional trade show)

The After Party on Instagram


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