Optical Sales Training Wheels | Kayla Ashlee and Dr. Rook Torres

What really is sales? Where do you start with a new employee who doesn’t know anything about optical? Learn about that and so much more with Kayla Ashlee and Dr. Rook Torres of Spexy on this week’s episode of Eyetrepreneur!

In This Episode:

[4:55] Why is Kayla qualified to be giving optical training?

[6:35] What is sales, really?

[9:45] How are new opticians trained?

[11:22] Where do you start?

[15:02] How to help new hires be more outgoing?

[21:00] What is the necessity of video?

[24:44] How is Kayla able to get more people into her program?

[28:18] What should you be doing with sales and manage care to remain profitable?

[39:38] Where to start with a new non-optical employee.

[43:26] Should you use incentives with sales?

[50:02] Is spexy more business management or optical training?

It’s said, nothing happens until something is sold.

As an optician, just helping people to get what they want is selling.

To be a better optician, you need to be a better salesperson.

How do you become a better salesperson? You need help. Even Tiger Woods has a coach and practices every day.

  • Here’s how:
  • Train
  • Train again
  • Focus on sales
  • Educate with real knowledge and not marketing bullshit from lens and frame manufacturers.
  • You are the brand
  • Train one more time

Kayla Ashlee of bespexy.com is a professional independent optical trainer who breeds the finest opticians in the USA. She’s going to spill the beans this week!

About The Guests:

Kayla Ashlee

In 2006 Kayla stepped into optical and has sought out ways enhance the magic of our industry ever since. Finding a passion for optics as an optician, she began incorporating her business and marketing education into her love of optics. Developing as business consultant for multiple opticals, she created a unique tool for maximizing the profitability of frame boards. She was asked to work for a lens distributor and used her skills as a speaker to solidify partnerships with the independent opticals they serviced. This expanded her skillset to making a difference in the Northwest United States.

The next step needed to be something big! This is when she joined forces with SPEXY. Sharing the belief that the independent can do more, if they just had access to it. Since uniting with SPEXY she has patented her frame board creation. She has become an international optometric speaker. She has created an online portal for opticals to access education. Most importantly, she has empowered independent opticals to think about our eye-world differently.

Kayla lives in her home state of Idaho, where she and Rook have built a beautiful home for their family in downtown Boise. There, they are surrounded by fantastic friends that have helped them to grow and loads of family that keep them busy and have supported their adventures from the beginning.

Dr. Rook Torres, B.S., C.C.E.P, D.C.

When I was a kid my dad worked in management for a major insurance company. Years later, he became self-employed and I distinctly remember the relief in his voice when he said, “Finally, I fear no man! Rook, I never want you to have to fear a boss.” Those words stuck with me. As a self-employed entrepreneur since age 12 being independent has always been critically important to me.
Naturally, this helped me tremendously in choosing my doctoral education and career as a chiropractor (and also created some of my biggest challenges haha!). When I met Kayla and learned about the unique struggles in the optical industry I was fascinated and extremely excited by the opportunity to help Independent ECP’s and Opticians.

Boring Stuff about Dr. Rook:

  • Completed 8.5 year Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Doctor of Chiropractic degree education in 6 years.
  • Graduated with doctorate degree at age 23.
  • Diplomate Degree in Extremity care: C.C.E.P. Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner.
  • Certified in Webster’s In-Utero Constraint Technique.
  • 100% success turning breech babies.
  • Clinical expertise in care for pediatrics, pregnancy, biomechanical kinetic chain function, sports for professional and recreational
  • Specialize in Lifestyle Wellness education. Physical, Bio-chemical and Psychological well being.
  • National TV appearance on QVC for fitness product.
  • Accomplished continuing education speaker.
  • Author of 4 books.




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