We bring efficiency to your front desk with Customized Online Forms & Scheduling

We’ve completely eliminated double data entry. We don’t just hand you an online PDF that still needs to be re-entered into their exact fields by your receptionist.

Staff Bios

Patient Forms

  • Your practice brand, name, colors
  • Medical questions being as specific or as general as you want
  • Eyefinity
  • Eye Cloud Pro
  • My Vision Express
  • Rev EHR
  • EyePegasus
  • Compulink
  • CrystalPM
  • Liquid EHR
  • Nextgen
  • And other cloud-based servers

Online Scheduler

We are transparent about pricing

No hidden fees or surprise bills later down the line. An honest company is a trustworthy company.

$60 per month

Starter package

$150 per month *

Custom package

*$500 onboarding fee (this will be the time it takes for our team to work with your office and customize your online forms to your liking - this includes unlimited revisions. We want you to be happy with it!)

Getting started with us is EASY-PEASY

We can get you started within 3 business days. We’re quick!

Getting started with us is EASY-PEASY

The customization and onboarding process will take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. We want you to have the smoothest transition possible and we’ll do our best to ensure that happens.

Cornelius Miller - Founder & COO

Cornelius Miller started his professional journey in the technology world in early 2009 where he started as a sales associate for a brand-named Website Business.

He created a foundation which was established through learning the fundamentals of website eCommerce and the ability to produce revenue through advanced techniques like blogging; back-linking, social media integration and so forth.

Bishop Morley - CTO

Bishop Morley has been developing software in his personal life since the age of 14. He started by developing simple software to automate tasks in his Highschool classes.

This motivation morphed into much larger things when he started his very first online business at the age of 15. CLP Services. This business offered simple online marketing campaigns to customers. At the age of 17 Bishop was offered a position to become a software UI developer for a company called TagWorks, LLC in Tempe, Arizona. Tag works manufactured pet tag engraving kiosks for Petsmart. After working on the development of TagWorks for nearly 2 years, the company was acquired by a company named Hillman Group.

Perry Brill - CRO

Perry is proud to be a representative of the “illusive millennial mind” when it comes to eyecare and eyewear.

Perry was that typical entrepreneurial kid growing up. He setup lemonade stands on the driveway and was proud he made $5 on a sunny afternoon while his parents were at work at Brill Eye Center in the summer. Later on, he graduated into painting addresses on curbs in surrounding neighborhoods. Nobody taught him how to spray paint numbers on concrete or build a marketing campaign, but he did it. While his friends we’re working minimum wage in 2006, he was making $15 an hour on good days in 100 degree Kansas heat.

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