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Colorblindness and Enchroma Lenses

On this episode we are going to interview Mark Mattison-Shupnick and Kent Streeb of Enchroma, EnChroma is the maker of …


A Pharmacist View Of Drugs In Optometry

On this episode Raymond and Perry talk to Dan Richards the CEO of Meds in Motion about specialty pharmacy, how …


Cash Only Specialty Contact Lens Practice | Dr. Stephanie Woo

 On this special episode we talked to Dr. Stephanie Woo on how to open a cash only specialty contact …

Tal Riesenfeld

Offer payment plans to patients!

On this episode we are going to talk about patient financing within the practice, what is Sunbit and what are …


Formula For Bringing On An OD Associate

On the podcast today we will be touching on topics that are popular at practice management meetings. How to find, …


Blepharitis Management in the Viscous Cycle of Dry Eye

Dr James Rynerson talks about the cause, prevention, and treatment for Blepharitis. Dry eye is oversimplified today. It’s a complex …


Garrett Leight: A Family Optical Story

Are you interested in learning how an independent frame company called Garrett Leight California Optical was built? You have heard of the …


Sell Contacts Online | E-Commerce Tools For Your Practice

Are you a young practitioner and interested in selling contacts online? Is there money in selling contacts online and what …

Show your patients contact lens pricing with a tablet neatly displayed!

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