Perry Tells You How To Make Money

On today’s podcast Perry is on Defocus Media podcast hosted by Dr. Darryl Glover with another guest Dr. Adam Ramsey. Perry talks about how to amplify your practice profits and his Eyerockit consulting business.

In This Episode:

[4:48] Perry’s introduction and background.
[8:07] Big box vs independent box.
[13:20] Eyerockit Consulting overview.
[14:29] Eyerockit processes and steps.
[16:48] Crush your eyewear sales.
[22:53] Crush patient collections.
[30:07] Lower all cost of goods and services.
[35:18] Frame inventory assessment and plan.
[41:07] Develop optical executors not opticians.
[44:12] Private labeling.
[45:34] Create radical, happy and transparency culture.
[49:47] Office procedures perfection.
[53:48] Administrative duties.
[55:44] High tech office upgrade beyond equipment.
[01:02] Expert real world advice from an OD in the trenches.


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