Verify all major vision plans in 30 seconds on 1 website.

One website that searches all these vision plans.

Your front desk will save hours a day and love you and give you hugs and kisses.

The Problem

Daily eyecare practice operations are time-consuming and expensive due to constant confusion around insurance eligibility, copay amounts, and vendor portal credentials.

Staff members schedule appointments without verifying vision insurance and then spend countless hours a month checking vision care plan portals to find eligibility and copay information for patients, ultimately having to painstakingly decipher plan details to calculate the copays.

What is Practicepal

Look up the 5 most common vision plans within 30 seconds on one easy to use website. No more going to 5 different websites with 5 different window tabs open. Search vision insurance that pulls up comprehensive patient insurance insurance eligibility & benefits automation.
Dr. Nathan McClain
Co-Founder, PracticePal

Our software solution was created by an optometrist with 2 locations who got so sick and tired of vision plan administrative work and went on a quest to solve the issue.

Increase your profits by

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How much money in labor will I save using PracticePal?

Monthly cost to verify vision insurance$

...while PracticePal costs $150/month

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