Vision Plan

Copay Calculator

Remove the memorization and staff training portion of understanding vision plans. We automatically calculate copays for exams, glasses, and contacts specific to each patient plan.

Plans we can search: VSP, EyeMed, Spectera, Davis, Superior, Versant

1 website to verify and find eligibility of major vision plans

Reduce the frustration of multiple browser tabs and endless searching

Features of PracticePal

Copay Calculator

Save time, improve your patient experience and reduce lost fees due to miscalculations.

Automated Searches

Identify vision benefits automatically and seamlessly across all providers at one time.

Portal Management

Protect your practice and your patient's most sensitive data and increase access to vendor portals for your staff.

Why Choose PracticePal?

Improved member benefit reports

Improve the conventional confusing member benefit reports and figure out pricing on services and products with just a few clicks on our app

Without PracticePal
With PracticePal

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Frequently Asked Questions

PracticePal is a browser-based standalone tool! Simply just type in the patient’s first name, last name, and birthday to pull member benefits. VSP does require social security number still.
We specialize in pulling in-network member benefits you are a provider for.
Yes, we pull the whole family up including secondary plans associated with anyone
For most vision plans, we can view them without authorization. VSP though does require authorization. At the end of every day, we remove the authorization automatically.

How much money in labor will I save using PracticePal?

Monthly cost to verify vision insurance$

...while PracticePal costs $150/month

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