Richard Dorer, Contact Lens Explorer

Listen in to get insight on practice management, diseased corneas, and most importantly help with many kinds of specialty contact lenses. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[4:15] Richard’s optical journey.

[10:24] The different types of specialty contact lenses, and where you should use them

[21:24] What do you tell patients that developed into a cone out of their teenage years?

[25:40] Working with the lenses, and problems that come up.

[38:25] Fogging with contact lenses.

[41:00] Hybrid lens.

[42:38] Home care of the lenses.

[50:26] Would you fit a dry eye patient at a different price than a diseased eye patient?

[1:01:54] Final thoughts.

About The Guest:

Bio coming soon!


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