Custom-painted geometric accent wall for your practice

*Paints and supplies included in the price

$35.00 per sq ft.

Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price


Why buy a custom-painted wall for your office? 

  1. It’s an easy way to freshen up your office’s decor versus buying some cheesy mass-produced artwork from Target
  2. Liven up your office with your brand colors
  3. Give your patients a great selfie photo spot!

You can provide the best service, the best products, and the coolest glasses, but sometimes the only thing people remember is that you gave them a cup of coffee or that you had a really cool piece of artwork in your office and that’s the one thing they took away. Imagine transforming a boring wall into a hand-painted mural of geometric shapes with your brand’s colors. Want your logo printed too? That would be our pleasure! 


What’s the buying process?

  1. Get a measuring tape, measure the length from the top of the ceiling to the baseboard, and the same for the width.
  2. Enter the length and width of your wall in the respective box above and we will calculate your price.


What’s the creative process?

I will choose colors based on your brand and logo to match your practice. You can also choose any crazy colors you’d like! You can have your logo stenciled onto the wall also at an additional cost. The shapes will be organic and chosen by my creative eye unless you have a specific vision in mind. Let’s work together!


How soon can my project be started?

Most projects will be started and completed within 30 days.


How long does it take to paint a rad geometric accent wall?

This depends of course on the square footage, but it can generally be done in 1-2 full days. I prefer to do these on the weekend where I will not be in the way of patients and employees. 


Who’s the artist?

Erika Carsella is a creative young mind and Perry Brill’s best friend. She is a Kansas City native and a self-taught abstract artist who loves craft beer and jamming to music with bass so rich, it shakes her bones! Erika has many creative endeavors like writing poetry, her podcast FOODSPLAINER, painting, and most recently making music. She is also working on several business ventures involving your favorite food snacking items! She can’t wait to meet you.