Diice Eyewear


A Private Label Eyewear Collection Developed by Eyetrepreneur Media

We’ll be the first to say it publicly…cut the eyewear middle person out and bring the profits back to your optical!

  • 20 styles available in 3 colors each
  • No returns
  • No warranties
  • Metals made in Korea
    • Stainless steel
  • Acetates made in China
    • Mazzucchelli acetate 
  • Come in frame packages 
    • You cannot select which models you want, they come pre-packed with all frames
    • Comes with cases and cleaning cloths
    • POP (point of purchase) items available for an additional expense




How was this private label brand created?

It all began with 17 risk-taking optometry practices and opticals. They were fed up paying extremely high and inflated prices. Perry and Dr. Brill hosted a webinar in March 2020 about developing a private label frame collection and the rest is history. A group of 4 people from these offices met in Lake Forest California to design the collection with the help of some frame design and sourcing industry veterans. We set out to design and manufacture a collection that would retail at the $300 price range, but gives us 10x markup. Vision plans cut right into our profitability. Rather than complain about getting a raise from managed care companies, we brainstormed a more efficient way and thought it would be proactive to lower our costs of goods by 70%. 


Learn to buy frames without a sales rep present and in-person. 
E-commerce is the future for wholesale eyewear. E-commerce is the future for everything. Stop wasting time meeting with reps. Many times you just end up getting overloaded with product.

Buy frames at a steep discount and stop worrying about exchanges, returns and warranties. All of these things factor into why frames cost you so much to buy from traditional wholesalers.


Same quality frames, 70%+ discount than full-priced frames sold to you from frame reps, made in the same factories as your favorite independent frame lines, design your own with an artist or choose from pre-made shapes and colors.

Do you know why frames you sell you cost so much? It’s because you buy 50 pieces at an opening order and then 7 months later you return 20 of them because they didn’t sell. All that costs to re-inventory them cost vendors a lot of time and hassle. When you buy things and promise to not return, the price is reduced. It’s simple business. NO RETURNS NEEDED, THE PRICE IS CHEAP ENOUGH.

When you buy quality frames, let’s be real, how many times do the frames actually have defective hinges, paint, metal solders, or weird abnormalities? NEVER! Most “warranties” are due to neglect…sitting on them, sports, etc. When you buy private label lines, you buy at least 3 of each frame. You become your own warranty center. If someone needs a right temple, you just part a frame out…no biggie. It’s a whole different mentality you need to learn. You have saved so much money you don’t need to worry about giving a warranty part for FREE FROM YOUR STOCK!!!

No no and NO!!!  Vision plans pay for any frame except frame and lens packages that must be sent to special labs like Oakley, Maui Jim, and others. We have looked at insurance contracts and they pay for anything. You might be referring to Frames Data, but that is a total scam…it has nothing to do with anything. It’s a myth.  When you buy private label, you report your wholesale cost to managed care vision plans on the claim form online like you normally would. Nothing changes!!!

The glasses come with a premium faux leather case and microfiber cloth.


What about reorders of frames I sell out of?

You will be able to place monthly reorders by filling out a product reorder sheet. After you made an initial buy-in, there are no minimums. You could order 1 frame or 76 frames. At this point, you are not required to order a set amount. Instead of being grandfathered in at the price you buy-in at, each order you make will accumulate in your order history, and your reorder purchasing price will be at the tier that your total orders have added up to.