Episode 21: Owning 3 Pearle Visions to Private Practice with Dr. David Grosswald

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Dr. David Grosswald shares his optometric  journey through growing a practice, selling a practice with private equity, using the latest technologies to help patients, and so much more. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[3:24] Dr. Grosswald’s optometric journey.

[7:24] The evolution of Dr. Grosswald’s practice.

[11:51] The three best places to grow in your practice.

[13:21] Why Dr. Grosswald decided to de-franchise.

[16:58] The private equity world.

[23:51] Selling your practice.

[31:37] Addressing the concerns surrounding selling your practice.

[35:30] The reality of total eyecare partners.

[39:26] The cutting edge areas that Dr. Grosswald has used to great effect.

[49:17] Learning about different types of technology.

[1:03:28] What you should be doing to differentiate yourself.

About Dr. David Grosswald:

Dr. David Grosswald is a third-generation native of Atlanta, Georgia. He studied premedical sciences at the University of Georgia from 1984 to 1988. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physiologic Optics in 1990 and earned his Doctorate of Optometry from Southern College of Optometry in 1992. Upon graduation, he was employed with a private practice and, ultimately, opened his own practice as a Pearle Vision franchisee in 1998. His franchise practice grew to three locations throughout east Georgia with eventual consolidation in 2014 to single private practice now known as The Eye Center of Conyers, Georgia. In 2018, he partnered with Total Eyecare Partners with the goal of achieving industry-leading, medically-oriented optometric care assisted by their collaborative, group resources.

In the early, developing years of his Conyers, Georgia practice, he had a special interest in better serving patients with the latest diagnostic and practice management technologies. Utilizing these technologies has been a progressive process with the goal of providing more efficient care while assuring a more impressionable experience for the patient. His success in this daily endeavor has been reflective of the tremendous growth and productivity of his practice.

Through the application of these technologies, niche specialties beyond the conventional optometric realm were realized. As a result, Dr. Grosswald developed extensive experience in providing specialty contact lens services with orthokeratology and scleral lens designs. His lens designs are primarily achieved via Wave Custom design software. This permits infinitely adjustable fitting and optical parameters necessary for achieving success with challenging cases. Dr. Grosswald is recognized among the Wave contact lens community as an “opinion leader” and pioneer of lens design concepts. He is a frequent lecturer with the Vision by Design educational symposiums on topics such as Wave custom GP designs and practice management concepts.

With the chronicity of many ocular pathologies and the frequent futility of conventional treatment methods, determining and treating the underlying systemic causes has been Dr. Grosswald’s recent passion. He has become a voracious scholar of functional or integrative medicine and how it applies to managing conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma and other commonly seen ocular conditions resulting from chronic systemic inflammation, vascular insufficiency and immune compromise or excitation. In essence, the goal is to utilize integrative technologies to aid the body’s own ability to make new, energized cells and, thus, heal itself. This goal is assisted by in-office use of photobiomodulation, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, transdermal ozone therapy, and epigenetic analysis.

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Check out Dr. Grosswald’s website!

Connect with Dr. Grosswald on Facebook

Give him a call at (678) 758-2184

Episode 20: Creating an Eyewear Brand from Scratch with Shaun Paterson

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Shaun Paterson shares his journey to creating his own eyewear brand with only a business background.

In This Episode:

[5:50] Shaun’s journey into eyecare.

[13:29] Becoming an entrepreneur.

[17:34] Shaun’s goal for his brand.

[20:14] Avoiding some struggles of wholesale frame selling.

[28:46] Getting PR and looking good distributing your message.

[31:04] Questions that ECP’s might have.

[35:58] How Shaun found the right people to manufacture his designs.

[45:50] What’s phase two for Shauns and the independent eyewear movement?

[49:30] The marketing wholesalers need to do.

[55:22] Should you design yourself, or outsource the designing?

[1:04:06] What’s an Italian frame, and what is an Italian frame made in China?

About Shaun Paterson:

Shauns is a California based design label founded by Shaun Paterson in 2011.

Shauns seeks to redefine California style while challenging the notion of what luxury should really stand for.

Shauns products are designed in California and produced in family-owned workshops in Italy.

Shauns aims to celebrate the human capacity in every aspect, from the artisanal way each product is produced, to a deeply rooted social mission that allows Shauns to help mobilize the visually impaired, one pair of glasses at a time.

Shauns philosophy is caled “soulful luxury.”

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Connect with Shaun at (844) 742-8672 or sales@shaunscalifornia.com

Episode 19: Current State of Healthcare with Anesthesiologist Eric Larson, MD

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Dr. Eric Larson dives into the current state of the healthcare system, including the direct primary care model, business models of hospitals, and so much more.

In This Episode:

[5:42]  The Paradox Podcast

[7:06] The advantage of the direct primary care model.

[12:20] How to help people realize that they can pay with cash instead of always through insurance.

[15:10] Seeking care despite a high deductible plan.

[16:45] The business model of hospitals and what’s going on in health care consolidation.

[22:20] What happens when a patient needs more days in the hospital.

[24:30] Are we repeating history when it comes to hospitals and healthcare systems becoming more vertical?

[27:30] Efficiency in third party payers.

[43:50] Are drugs cheaper outside of the US?

[50:05] Are physicians saying enough is enough?

[56:10] Maintenance of certification.

[1:00:15] Systems that work for healthcare.

About Dr. Eric Larson:

Eric Larson, MD is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. Eric is in private practice and is board certified in anesthesiology where he specializes in ambulatory, preoperative acute pain, and general anesthesia. He serves as the president of the Kent County Medical Society and practices anesthesiology in a large independent single specialty group in Grand Rapids, MI.

He works in the Grand Rapids, MI area and is married to a pediatrician with whom he has three children and one foster son (now grown and soon moved out of the house).

He is the host of the popular new podcast, Paradocs. The show covers a range of topics related to medicine and the delivery system. Specifically, Dr. Larson interviews another doctor (usually) where they discuss the issues facing physicians in medicine and how it affects their practice and patients.

You can find the Paradocs on all podcast software or at his website, www.theparadocs.com.

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The Paradocs Podcast

Episode 17: 41 Years Frame Repping With Bruce Sporn

In this episode of Eyetrepreneur, Bruce Sporn shares the importance of independent eyewear and how opticians can make a difference.

In This Episode:

[9:30] The consultant to the eyeware industry.

[11:25] How glasses became fashionable.

[14:10] The mentors that really fired up Bruce on his journey.

[17:00] Opticians are really self employed, right?

[20:45] Why Bruce carries independent eyewear.

[24:00] How opticians can differentiate themselves in their business.

[35:40] How opticians can have the mindset that they’re more than just an hourly employee.

[47:40] How can you beat out the market competition?

[1:03:40] What we can utilize to make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

About Bruce Sporn:

Bruce Sporn is a veteran of the optical industry. He is the president of Optical Alternatives, Inc., a consulting and supply firm to Independent Eyecare Professionals. Bruce has been helping independent opticals and optometrists succeed for the last 41 years by providing them top-quality products and education. Today, Bruce dedicates his time on the road to eyewear sales, service, making sure independents stay ahead of the curve to remain relevant and profitable. Representing only independent products, Bruce prides himself on bringing his accounts quality, functional, and fashionable eyewear that meets the needs of trendy eyewear consumers.

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Connect with Bruce at spexgeye@aol.com

Bruce currently represents the following frame brands and companies:

Episode 13: Business Pearls For Private Practice With Dr. David Haine

Learn about purchasing practices, the lifetime value of a patient, and how to get the lowest price for a piece of equipment that a company offers.

In This Episode:

[3:55] Dr. Haine’s Journey Into Optometry

[8:50] Keep Thriving In Optometry

[11:10] How Many Practices Should You Have?

[12:40] The Nuances Of Co-Management

[17:10] How To Achieve The Business Reciprocity with Ophthalmology

[29:00] Dr. Haine’s Experience As A Consultant

[40:00] What Disruptive Innovations In Optometry Dr. Haine Has His Eyes On

[50:20] What Can You Do To Make A Significant Impact In Your Practice

About Dr. David Haine:

Dr. David Haine, OD, is an Optometry specialist in Richmond, Virginia. He attended and graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1997, having over 22 years of diverse experience, especially in Optometry.

Important Links:

Check out Dr. Haine’s website at FECCVA.com

Connect with Dr. Haine at drhaine@feccva.com