Unbreakable (2 colors per style) – 12 Units$420
Adjustable (2 colors per style) – 10 Units$250
Flexible (2 colors per style & size) – 8 Units$120

Tempo is a new generation of pediatric eyewear. We specialize in Unbreakable, Adjustable, and Flexible frames for children of any age. The eye strain caused by our digital lives has caused a sharp increase in the diagnosis of childhood vision problems. As a result demand for children’s eyewear is at an all time high.

Tempo Kids Eyewear is uniquely positioned to help independent ECPs meet this demand head-on by featuring 3 collections that have been chosen to target specific customer needs within the children’s eyewear niche. We are a one-stop-shop for anything related to kids eyewear.

Tempo is sold to independent ECPs worldwide. Our lightning fast global distribution network can deliver frames to your office or optical lab in as little as 1 business day. Our fully automated fulfillment system is online 24/7 365. We also have a full service lab capable of delivering completed glasses within 48 hours. 

Tempo Adjustable

Tempo Flexible

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