Versant Health (Davis + Superior Vision)

Eyecare and optical is a growing industry, so how does Versant Health fit into it? This episode covers many different aspects of Versant Health (Davis Vision) as it fits into the eyecare market and as it relates to you.

In This Episode:

[5:44] How Scott got involved in healthcare and Versant Health.

[6:40] The background of Versant Health and Davis Vision.

[8:14] How does Versant Health stand out among the big manage care players?

[12:12] The state of the eyecare profession right now- can you still have a great career?

[15:44] How Versant Health is helping people see more value.

[18:48] How does Versant Health educate on the different types of lenses?

[20:22] How Versant Health helps their patients to use their benefits.

[21:54] When patients come in, how do you manage their expectations?

[26:28] The background of the lab that Versant Health used to own, why they closed it, and what they’re doing with manufacturing now.

[30:12] When you call a lab, you might end up to talking to just a phone rep and not an optician. What is Versant Health’s strategy around that?

[36:44] Why not go for the high end?

[38:04] Optomap

[43:38] If you’re impatient to get an order done with Versant Health, what should you do?

[46:38] The future of Versant Health

[48:18] Alleviating other bottlenecks in offices: is Versant Health going to use electronic fund transfer for reimbursement?

[54:30] The Davis Vision Collection.

About The Guest:

Scott Hamey, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Manufacturing for Versant Health

Scott Hamey oversees strategic development, manufacturing, and network operations at Versant Health. Scott has more than 20 years of experience in the vision care industry with a focus in business development, finance, and underwriting.  A graduate from The Ohio State University, Scott has also served as Chairman at United Way and as Board Member and Treasurer at Prevent Blindness Texas. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his wife Sara and their daughter Isabella.


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