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Innovation is not just for tech start-ups and e-commerce giants. Plenty of innovation exists within the eye care space too, specifically optometry practices. At Brill Eye Center, our 37 year eyecare practice, we have maintained our innovation through staying modern by treating our business like a start-up. We wakeup every morning and think “what can we do better to improve our profitability, flow, efficiency, staff, eyewear, and processes?” It’s a never ending process and that’s what gives us the leading edge.

Innovation comes when you do what’s right for the patient. When the patient benefits, the practice benefits. It’s really that simple. Also, adopting technology 5 years ahead of your competition is a key pillar in staying relevant within the eyecare space.

You don’t have to your blow your competition out of the water to be better, just focus on being 10% more awesome.

If you expect your optometry office to be innovative, you must proactively work with your staff to change. Always altering your procedures in office is annoying, but it’s what drives innovation.

Innovation goes beyond perfecting your in-office experience, it must exist online too. At, we spent over a year building a state-of-the art eyecare website to give our patients all the knowledge and resources they need before they visit us in person. If you are not generating content weekly and updating your website, you are losing the online war. Buying a cookie cutter website then never updating it is like committing business suicide. Innovation is online, in-person and in your hand.


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