The coolest glasses invention since the beginning of time

Eyewear made from a 3D facial scan and then crafted by frame scientists. It’s cool, we know.


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What is it?

3D scan your patient’s head and design beautiful glasses in nearly any shape and color. Just scan, click and drag to design an awesome frame.

is it 3d printed?

These glasses are NOT 3D printed, but cut-to-fit like a suit or wedding dress. These glasses are made using a frame edger, similar to a lens edger in a laboratory. Then, are hand polished and assembled with love.

Who designs it?

You do. You’ll be proud to say you are an optician and custom eyewear designer.

Is it complicated?

The optician-friendly app is so user friendly a 5th grader could use it.

How do the glasses fit?

Perfect! Every nook and cranny of glasses fits like a glove on the head. We are frame scientists and computer engineers hard at work.

What materials is the eyewear made of?

Wood, natural shell, buffalo horn, acetate, titanium, carbon fiber and vinyl records.

Where are they made?

Handmade in Hong Kong by a team of skilled women in a factory with the best working conditions.

Join the revolution of 3DNA eyewear providers and stand strong against mass produced frames. It’s your brand now.

  • It’s fun being a creative frame designer!
  • Your patients are bored of shopping “off the rack”
  • Start designing with just a few hours of practice
  • No more Rx’s walking out your door
  • No more showrooming
  • Stop worrying about internet eyewear
  • Free up capital with ZERO inventory cost
  • Make glasses as big as a basketball or small as a kiwi
  • Engrave your office and patient’s names
  • Every frame fits perfect, guaranteed

Start Designing Frames

Show your patients contact lens pricing with a tablet neatly displayed!

@ May 27, 2020 08:00 PM (Eastern Time)