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6 piece locking display valued at $75.00.

Relieve dry eyes NATURALLY with ZIENA! Ziena’s soft silicone eyecup creates a moisture chamber keeping eyes dry by retaining eye moisture. The eyecup blocks wind, glare, and other airborne irritants like dust or pollen. Powerful micro-magnets hold the eyecup in place and allow for easy removal to clean or replace. Ziena has proven results against serious ailments such as chronic dry eyes, light sensitivity, MGD, and more! No matter what treatments a patient is taking for severe dry eye symptoms, Ziena can increase greater comfort in all conditions. In the age of COVID, Ziena have thousands of teaching and medical professionals using this line for PPE protection! All frames are prescription ready.the age of COVID, Ziena have teaching and medical professionals using this line for PPE protection!

"The Dry Eye Solution"

How does the Moisture Chamber help with my dry eyes?

The patented silicone moisture chamber locks in moisture while blocking out wind, glare and airborne irritants like dust and pollen. The moisture chamber reduces tear evaporation and increases overall comfort.

Do I need a prescription to buy Ziena dry eye eyewear?

Because we are a small company, we usually make ​no more than 100 of each model, so you can be assured your limited ​edition eyewear is as individual as you are.

How long will it take to get my order?

We are proud that our eyewear is not mass produced. Each frame is custom built and made to order. Orders will normally ship within 10 business days, this does not include the shipping time (allow 5-7 business days for shipping).

Why Us?

Dry Eye affects a growing number of people in Canada, reaching estimates as high as 6 million. It is one of the most common complaints people have for their Eye Care Professional. Ziena eyewear provides a moisture chamber to slow the rate of evaporation and enhance comfort. 95% of patients who wore Ziena when driving reported improved eye comfort. 97% of patients who wore Ziena while walking outdoors reported improved eye comfort.

Daniel Hsu, President

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